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A procedure to transplant a healthy kidney from a living or deceased donor into a patient whose kidneys are no longer functioning properly is known as a kidney transplant.

The kidneys are two bean-shaped organs that are situated on both sides of the spine beneath the ribs. They are all roughly the size of a fist. Urine production functions as their primary means of filtering and eliminating waste, minerals, and fluid from the blood.

When kidneys lose their capacity to filter, harmful amounts of fluid and waste accumulate in the body, raising blood pressure and leading to kidney failure. The end-stage renal disease develops when the kidneys are only partially capable of performing their normal functions. The end-stage renal disease develops when the kidneys are only around 90% capable of performing their normal functions.

You might be able to live longer and continue your pre-kidney disease lifestyle with a successful kidney transplant in Pune. Many patients have fewer restrictions on what they can eat and drink, but for your replacement kidney to last as long as possible, you should eat a heart-healthy diet and keep a healthy weight. It should also be better for your health and energy.

According to studies, persons who have kidney transplants live longer than those who continue to get dialysis. Kidney disease cannot be “cured” by a kidney transplant. There are also risks, including the risks of surgery. Following the transplant, you may require anti-rejection medications, which may have side effects, for as long as your new kidney is functional. You’ll be more vulnerable to infections and some cancers.

Even though most transplants are effective and persist for many years, a person’s longevity may differ from another’s. Many people will require more than one kidney transplant in their lifetime, depending on their age.

Who Needs Kidney Transplantation?

The suitability of kidney transplants is specifically evaluated in patients with end-stage renal disease. Patients with current infections or cancer are not eligible for transplants.

Following patients undergo a specific assessment:

  • Old age
  • Major liver, lung, or heart disease
  • HIV positive patients
  • Psychiatric Illness

What Is The Success Rate Of Kidney Transplant In Pune

The success rates of kidney transplants are very good. For instance, kidney transplants performed on deceased donors have an initial success rate of up to 85 to 90%, meaning that 85 to 90 out of 100 kidney transplants will still be functioning normally after a year.

Transplants from living donors have a 90–95% higher success rate. Long-term success is great for people of all ages, thus there is no age restriction.

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